Video Storytelling

Opening Virtual Event Video

Transform Faster

It’s 5 days until the opening of the Dynatrace event, and there is no opening video. We stepped in a scripted, shot and edited a video

in just 2 days ready for production. 

No paid actors in this one! 

Vision, Script and Acting: Dave Anderson
Editing and Production: Adam Wright 

Product Overview

See The Magic 

What if you made a demo video that was less B2B talking head, and more B2C iPhone ‘sque? 

That’s what we decided to do. Pick some upbeat music, create some stunning 3D visualisations of the product, and craft some simple wording. The result? 646,000 views (to date) and a standing ovation at Sales Kick Off. 

Vision: Dave Anderson
Brand Direction and Visualisation: Josh Sims
Script: Richard Bentley

Customer Story 

Digital Transformation
is personal

Everyone is talking about digital transformation but nobody talks about what it means to PEOPLE. As part of a 2019 rebrand of Dynatrace, we focused on customer stories, but importantly we shot each customer story in a personal, dark, up close and personal manner. What these customers do for a living is critical to the success of every business. The stories had to communicate this.

Vision and Edit: Dave Anderson
Customer Stories: Frances Ward
Design Direction: Josh Sims

IPO Roadshow 

Dynatrace Reinvention

For the Dynatrace IPO Roadshow, I was tasked with writing and shooting a 30 minute video. With only 4 weeks to pull it off, we pulled together a fantastic video which, with this shortened version, can be used to tell the ‘Reinvention Story’.

Agency: Glass & Marker
Design: Nina Tolefson
Script, Vision, Production: Dave Anderson