Universal Studios Osaka

Universal Studios Osaka

Super Nintendo world within Universal Studios was to be the highlight of the trip for our eldest Charlotte, as well as Ellie. Unfortunately, despite checking with our kid travel agent, we discovered a few days ago that we needed to buy passes for Nintendo world weeks ago in order to guarantee entry. To say we were stressed was probably an understatement and we had already started preparing for the expected “we can’t get in” conversation. On advice from a friend, we hit the park an hour before it opened, hoping we could leg it to Nintendo and get in.

Turns out we weren’t alone, and it was standing here that we learnt about tip number two, buy an express pass to get in early. Another tip we weren’t told about, but we held it together and tried to remain positive. It’s at this point you start throwing out lines like “we will come back in jan and go skiing.” You do what you can to keep your kids positive.

Once we got into the park, we followed the sea of people heading for Super Nintendo World. There were people running and staff telling them not to. We walked quick, my steps probably equates to a jog for most Japanese half my size.

We got to the big green tube, put our heads down, and emerged out the other side! We were in! And one young lady had a reaction I’ll never forget.

The colours of this park, the blue sky, the music, it was all a bit surreal. It was jam packed and we ticked off the Mario kart ride, Yoshi’s railway (which is a bit basic), and ate lunch at Kinopios Cafe. Another tip, go straight to this cafe at like 10am to get the cards for a sitting at 12. We went at 10.30 and could get in by 12.30.

First stop was the shop, where the entire family went a bit mental, buying all the power up wrist bands in each variety, a blue shell, a red shell, hats, glasses, headbands, and more. When in Rome so the saying goes.

After the store we went to the main ride, Mario Kart. the wait time was close to 50mins I think, and in retrospect we should have gone for the ride and then the store. Then again, having a red shell and blue shell meant the kids and I could launch them at each other whilst we waited.

The ride is amazing, and they do a superb job at entertaining you while you walk through the queue. I’m guessing we did maybe 2-3kms of walking, going round in circles, walking through various rooms, to get to the actual ride. But it was fun because of set up and theming so it felt like 20mins not 50. By the time we finished the ride it was out to 80mins!

The kids getting coins for the in app game 🙂
Burgers, mushrooms, cakes
Baked by Peach
Edible art
Yoshi is tired

And that’s a wrap. We tried a few other rides, post Nintendo world such as Minions, Harry Potter twice, but the day belonged to Mario and his cast of animated hero’s.

Taxi home, whisky in glass, cheers… good night.