Top Web and App Performance Stories

Top Web and App Performance Stories

Here is the list of my favourite application performance stories that our team at Dynatrace locally has been busy creating.

  • Spark – achieved 20% improvement in mean time to repair *Case Study
  • Fonterra – achieved 900% reduction in transaction response time *Case Study
  • NSW Rural Fire Services – ensuring 100% website up-time is a matter of life and death for NSW RFS *Case Study
  • Effective Measure – Reduced load time to milliseconds *Case Study
  • Vic Super – marketing team are going beyond google analytics *Video
  • Performance Assurance – helping large Australian businesses and government departments predict their future performance. *Video
  • Lenovo – achieved 60% improvement in mean-time-to-repair *Case Study
  • Yarra Valley Water – Fixing application issues with Dynatrace *Video

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