The Software Intelligence Podcast

The Software Intelligence Podcast

As some of you might have seen on LinkedIn, I’ve recently moved back to Australia and spent a couple of weeks in quarantine. However, with time on my hands, I took the opportunity to start putting together a new podcast. It’s focused on telling the stories of those at the coal face of digital transformation.

Introducing the Software Intelligence Podcast

Every few weeks (more often to start with) I aim to bring you interviews with those that work tirelessly to deliver perfect experiences of the digital services that we use every day. You’ll hear tips, tricks, and best practices on surviving the relentless pace of digital transformation. I’ll be talking to CTO’s and CDO’s through to SRE’s and DevOps managers about the importance of AI-assistance, whether BizDevOps is a thing, and how to get the digital experience right for users whose expectations seem to be continually rising.

I’ll be looking to bring you stories about how software intelligence is helping our customers to break down silos within their organisations, improve the productivity of teams, deliver faster innovation, and take customer experience to new heights.

We even have a nice, shiny new page on where you can find our episodes. You can also stream them wherever you listen to your podcasts, including:
– Spotify
– Google
– Apple Podcasts