Sorry brand police – there’s a warrant on stock images

Sorry brand police – there’s a warrant on stock images

Why do our consumer marketers get to have all the fun, and us B2B marketers are stuck with stock images that make you wish you did an accounting degree?

Marketing has changed.  We are not producing corporate glossy guides anymore (ok some of you are and I pity you) but for the most we are agile marketers. We continually curate and create, and in so doing it’s high time we remembered the importance of the image in drawing attention to our content!

Which one of these best represents you?

1) You spend hours writing, perfecting your copy and headline and by the time your ready to publish, you can barely summons the energy to publish let alone get creative and find the right image.

2) Your stuck in a B2B corporate marketing nightmare where the brand team have carefully selected 200 stock images which look identical to the images your competitor is using, and all equally represent every culture under the sun.  You are trying to work out how to reuse the same image,  you have reused 10 times before, on a new piece of content, and you hate every minute of it.

3) You’re still getting the newspaper delivered, you’re not on Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.  Or maybe you are on these networks, and  you haven’t realised that you tend to click on the article with the most intriguing image.

You don’t have to be a professor to work out that people are drawn to images more than simple text. Check your facebook news feed and see which content has the most likes and shares.

Buffer’s research on Twitter posts with photos versus without indicates that photo posts vastly outperform non-photo posts in terms of both clicks and shares. Tweets with images received 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.

For linked in – Here’s what types of content stand out most when it comes to LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn standout tips

Sample 1: We had a new guy at work, so I cropped him out and made him look like he was at the MCG (yes people ACTUALLY thought he was at the MCG…)


And the impact after 1 day:


It’s important to note here, that because people at work liked this image, they published it to their profiles as well.  Collectively I’d guess we have 1500 views in a day.

On the other hand my dull, plain text update, didn’t even get a click or a like.

So get creative guys!  Have some fun.  Just because we are B2B marketers doesn’t mean we have to be tied to that unisinpring stock image library.


Don’t tell the brand police…just tell them how viral it went.

Can’t help myself…here’s an example of an awesome B2B stock image. This is Mike.  He sells ‘anything’.  If you work with us, you’ll be awesome like Mike.