Peloton Ambassador


From the worst
to be the best shape  
of my life

Mentally burnt out, drinking too much, not exercising, depressed, to being happy, healthy, and loving my daily workouts. Peloton is more than a workout, it’s a mental and physical routine that I pursue each and every day. My passion has let to being a Peloton Social Ambassador in Australia, and with over 1,000 workouts, yep the comma club, I love each and every day. 

Backstage at Peloton Studio’s London

5 classes in 3 days at PSL London, this video is a little vlog on my experience


Motivating quotes, funny stories, inspiring uplifting moments. I leave each workout and always feel better for it, and will write down memorable quotes I just heard. Oh yeah and since when are the instructors in it with you, working as hard as you are? 


Each class is unique, each instructor has their own taste, and each day is a new genre. I’ve curated the best Spotify playlist from my years of working out. Listening parties, DJ Sessions, Artists Series. Grab some great headphones because I like it LOUD. 


Workout against yourself, workout with your friends, see where you are on the leaderboard, or hide it if it doesn’t serve you. Peloton makes it easy to stay motivated, to keep working out each day for that blue dot, and celebrate your milestones from not giving up! 

The gym 

I had room, so I dedicated a space to what I love doing each and every day

The Tread +

The Gym

Room for Strength

Bike OG

The Guide

TV, Sound and Guide

Peloton Heart Rate Band Review

Really another heart rate monitor? Actually this one is extremely good, and in this unecessarily long video I shared why. If you want the answer it’s

1) It shows the batter level
2) It shows what zone you are in on the device
3) It’s accurate
4) It’s comfortable
5) It syncs everytime natively. 

My Peloton Playlist

Each time I workout, if I find a song I like, I hit like and a curate the best playlist automatically on Spotify