Osaka to Tokyo

Osaka to Tokyo

This morning we travel back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen bullet train. 402kms, with 4 stops, in just 2 hours and 30 mins.

There are trains going every 10 mins and they are full. a bullet train from Melbourne to Sydney, would then take about 5 hours to do the near on 880kms. That’s pretty close to the time it takes round trip door to door when you fly, and far more convenient. Unfortunately we probably just don’t have the population or the vision / execution for it be feasible. I love trains, and I’d love to be able to train between cities, but can’t see it happen.

Arrived in Tokyo on time, as usual. A couple of stops on the JR line and we make it to our hotel, which starts at level 25. I really wants to stay at the Okura Hotel but it’s charging $4k a night so somewhat out of the question ha. It was $500 the night before not sure why tonight is so special 🙂

We checked into our rooms, but they were smaller than we hoped for so Fi negotiated an upgrade to themed rooms. Not sure if the girls noticed. I guess they provided interesting backgrounds for their online chat with friends 🙂

An afternoon free means a few drinks with a view. We are still spent from Universal and we have Disney sea tomorrow so we are laying low.

Our last main meal out is a special one at Mon Cher Ton Ton, which is a highly recommended and flash Teppenayki restaurant.

The experience of having a personal chef and watching as he cooked was amazing and it’s inspired us all to cook more when we get home. I loved also seeing the girls trying new dishes which they normally wouldn’t touch.

We are completely spent, and I thought I might me making this up in my head, but I couldn’t help not share a photo of this room that made us all chuckle.