Linked In Sales Summit: Star Wars Markesales

Linked In Sales Summit: Star Wars Markesales

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to present at the Linked In Social Sales Summit in Sydney.  Given it was mostly a sales audience, I wanted to make the concepts simple and easy to remember 😉

I originally published this to Linked In and had quite a few amusing comments 🙂 

To my surprise it was voted the best presentation at the event, despite multiple laughable moment where I clearly misjudged oncoming slides.  The feedback was really positive, at least that’s what Yoda (Luke Tucker) and Linked In’s Chewie (Mark Dick) told me.  Now I think about it, they are in sales so not sure if I should believe them now 🙂

Either way it was great fun.  Thanks for all the positive feedback and for everyone that connected after the event.  My social sales index went through the roof, and for one day I felt like a rockstar.

But alas…I’m only a marketer.  I didn’t think what we did was that unique, but huge thanks to all my team, and extended colleagues at Dynatrace for having a great passion for what we do, and of course landing a few jokes on the chin.