Kyoto & Movie Park

Kyoto & Movie Park

It’s Ellie’s 10th birthday so the day is going to revolve around saying yes to everything. The morning g starts off with some calls back home to friends and family in our traditional lounge.

Next on the agenda is a trip to Kyoto Movie World. It’s basically a film set, where most of the ninja movies are set. Ellie is pretty psyched to dress up as a Ninja and do various stunts.

The trip has been great for Charlie who has overcome a fair of roller coasters, climbing and Indian food ha…

We messed up with dinner. We were booked into a fancy Japanese but they don’t like kids, so we abandoned and found a local Italian that could accomodate gluten free. The icing on this cake was when they brought out a cake and sing happy birthday to our daughter, without us asking!

A few weird things to end. I found what could be the worlds smallest bar. Just enough room for a single person deep. photos don’t really do it justice because you can’t even focus it’s that’s shallow.

I also saw a guy, and a cat, in a car. But this was no ordinary man, car or cat. It looked like something from a cartoon or marvel comic.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Love your blog and photos Dave xx
    You all look to be having the time of your lives
    Love Di xxx

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