CX Circle 2023

Unlock innovation and focus on what really matters

We are more stressed than ever, less engaged in our work and struggling to take action that drives revenue. In this keynote I explore the simple steps we can take to prioritise, finishing with a bit of a fun; a song about digital experience! 

Qualtrics / 2022

DX and The Monster in the Room

Keynote presentation late 2022, on why there is a gap between digital experiences people expect and what we are getting served. 

Dynatrace Perform 2020

Opening Keynote
with a twist

How you do start an event in the least boring way possible? You rap. This was either going to be the best thing, or worst thing I’ve ever done. Thankfully it was very well received, and pivoting from song to intro-ing the event, I was determined to bring passion and energy to make it special.

Perform 2020

Digital Experience Matters

I played a hybrid role of MC and Keynote Speaker, with a sing-along parody at the start, before pivoting to a keynote on the importance of digital experience. Balancing humour with a serious message, this is one of my favourite presentations and the last one I did prior to covid 19 shut us all down  

Forrester Digital Summit 

Simplifying ‘Digital’ Complexity

At the Forrester Summit in London, I had a difficult task of being the last presentation in a day filled with analysts presentations. To make it worse of course I’m a vendor, but in all my presentations you will see that I don’t do sales pitches. 

LinkedIn Sales Leaders Conference


What’s Star Wars got to do with Social Selling anyway? This was one of the funnier, and better received presentations I have done. It helped that I followed some serious presentations from big banks that don’t have the luxury of being as silly as I am.