Kanazawa to Kyoto

Kanazawa to Kyoto

Todays adventure is a 2 hour train ride to Kyoto on the Thunderbird train. Yep we checked that twice because I’d have been surprised that our train service is called Thunderbird, but it was.

As an aside, on all these trains we have reserved seats, and they sign post exactly where to get on. It’s so easy, and comfortable, and the trains are always on time – to the second.

A quick workout, breakfast, pack bags and then take advantage of the bag forwarding service. Bag forwarding is unreal, where we can opt to send our bags to the next hotel, so we don’t have to carry them on the trains. We opt to send them to Osaka, because our next stop in Kyoto, we are staying in a house.

We arrive in Kyoto and it’s immediately evident this place is old school. Based on a Chinese scientific grid system each road feels like a one way street with restaurants and bars either side. We drop off our luggage and get details on where we are staying – a traditional Japanese house just 1km from the center of town.

But before we can check in we need to stroll down the laneways and get some lunch. If you are coming to Kyoto this is the best spot to visit, the Gion-Shijo district. It’s right in the center of town.

Our accomodation is unbelievable. A two story traditional Japanese house, right in town.

I know it’s sounds arrogant, but when your in hotels a lot, this is really special.

For dinner we found a cool Mexican joint around the corner that served gluten free as standard. We got talking to the locals and drank beers and wine with them. Both of them could certainly knock back the rona’s