Kanazawa and the Kenro-ken gardens

Kanazawa and the Kenro-ken gardens

Not much planned for today. The girls are exhausted, Ellie is fighting off a bug, and parents are tired. We enjoy a sleep in, western style breakfast, and I manage to get a run in. The hotel gym is one of the better gyms I’ve used, and with my Apple Watch, and iPad, I can enjoy the familiar sounds of a Peloton run 🙂

The kids decide to lay low in their rooms, so we head off to see the Kenroken Gardens. It’s a 20min walk or quick taxi away, and given the kids are staying in the hotel we go for the taxi. The gardens are stunning, and it feels like you’ve stepped into another world. It’s a mini Japanese rainforest, where it really feels like you’ve transcended into another time.

Other attractions we were recommend to do was the castle gardens right next door, or a quick walk to the markets. We’re really spoilt with these garden experiences we already had, and decide it’s best to get the kids fed so we skip the castle.

The afternoon is spent getting a quick bite at the shopping center across from us, where the girls get some McDonalds, and I’m told it’s identical tasting to Australia. We struggle for gluten free options, and end up in a Chinese where I down some dumplings, and we share some fried rice. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, the rice contained gluten and Fi is unwell.

It was a lazy day, watched some footy back home, and the girls shopped. For dinner we wondered around, struggled to get into any of the options we wanted, so we ordered the best burgers ever from Shogun Burgers, drank some takeaway Moet and got an early night.