Each year we bang on about how important response times are to online shopping.  It’s Xmas afterall.  Parties, work deadlines and a list of stuff that needs buying…nobody has time to wait.

Nordstrom cited 2.5 seconds is optimum, a 0.5 second increase and they lose 11% in conversions.  Cool.  Except when you hear what the average Australian response time is…

In this video I quickly (and I am mean, one take, super fast and dirty) compare Australian Online Retail Response times to the US.   The results…not good reading for AU customers wanting fast experiences 🙁

I know we can’t compare budgets and resources of AU retailers vs the Giants of the US, but we can start to close this gap with the right level of insight and user experience performance monitoring!

If you want to test your site, against the big guns in the US – check this out.  http://bit.ly/responsetimesAU

Happy holidays and merry xmas.