Hakone to Kanazawa

Hakone to Kanazawa

So our last morning at Hakone, and our breakfast is an eastern mix of fish, pork, miso and assorted vegetables. Honestly we are a bit sick of it and we crave breads! Charlie finally tried the fish and loved it because it was salty. Unfortunately the nearest bakery is a bus ride away. And oddly a lot of bakeries and coffee shops don’t open until 10am.

We’ve got transport organised to pick us up from stations and hotels where necessary, like today which is a 40 minute winding road to the station. Ellie gets car sick so this isn’t a fun ride, but cruising through little villages, it’s quite picturesque.

The trek today is 30mins back to Tokyo and then close to 2 hours 40 mins, or 300kms, out to Kanazawa.

We fuel up on some Starbucks coffee, readily available at most stations, and equally as shit as it is in the US. A donut solves Ellie’s worries, and Fi high fives herself as she’s worked out how to order something that isn’t completely rubbish.

Pretty easy to get into our train bound for Tokyo, with reserved seats. The whole system is ridiculously well organised. I’d hate to see what ikea is like around here. The staff are unlike what we are used to… ie they are helpful and aren’t there to simply catch gate crashes. Having help is good because we have 3 tickets all in Japanese that don’t make a hell of a lot of sense.

Back at Tokyo, waiting for our next train. Thankfully the signs flick from Japanese to English. If they didn’t, we’ll who knows where we would end up.

The train ride was comfortable and most of us slept. The scenario outside was amazing as we got to the coast. To the left we had snow capped mountains and to the right a beach. Seemed a bit surreal because the mountains didn’t look that tall but clearly they are.

Our hotel, Hyatt Centric is brand new and right next to the train and central shopping center. Ideally located so we simply walk from train to hotel in two minutes. We are early for check in, like 2pm for a 3pm check in, and so we suggest we’ll sit down and have a drink in the bar. As you can see we were hardly slumming it, and after enjoying two bowls of fries, 2 wines and maybe 2 gins, we were shocked to find out that these drinks were compliments of the hotel!

At 5pm there are twilight drinks on the top floor, with discounted Champagne. I was there right on time 🙂 Stunning views even though it was starting to get overcast with rain forecasted the next day.

For dinner we went downstairs to the bar. It’s was ok. Food was nice but we had non Japanese service and interestingly the food cuts off right at 8pm. The poor group next to us at the twilight bar came down to the restaurant at 7.50pm only to find out they wouldn’t get fed. There are ample restaurants around the area so they’d have little trouble finding something else. Our main issue is finding gluten free options and this proved to be increasingly difficult over the next few days.

We didn’t have much planned for our stay in Kanawaza, so it was good to be in a nice hotel where we could rest up.