e27: Why application performance monitoring is important

e27: Why application performance monitoring is important

Mobile web adoption is growing at an unprecedented rate. Nearly a quarter of all media consumption is happening on a mobile device globally. And with mobile app downloads expected to rise 185 per cent to 200 billion by 2017, customers have changed the way they choose to interact with brands and have driven a whole new way of doing business. This rapid growth has meant IT and marketing are playing catch up when it comes to adequately monitoring the deployment of mobile initiatives.

Managing complexity and user expectations

There are more ways to connect than ever before. Consumers are moving between devices, from mobile, to tablet, laptop to desktop, and their expectation is that each experience should be flawless.

Leading application performance vendor Dynatrace (formerly known as Compuware) found that 71 per cent of people believed a website should load quicker, or as fast on the mobile, than on a desktop. They also cited that application developers must now optimise for 156 device types in order to cater for 80 per cent of the market.

So whilst application complexity increases, so do user expectations.

So how do you ensure you’re providing a seamless user experience across all platforms?

It isn’t just about having a mobile play, it is about an all-inclusive, omni-channel strategy. A user’s behaviour on a phone is very different to a desktop experience, as such you need to understand the performance of each channel and cater for each device.

This means reviewing the analytical data from all devices — desktop, mobile web and mobile application, and making decisions to cater for each channel.

Why is monitoring missing?

The sheer speed of innovation, time to market, and competition, often results in applications being pushed into market, without adequate monitoring and thorough testing.

In a recent survey of eCommerce managers, Dynatrace found only 16 per cent had monitoring set up for mobile applications and only nine per cent looked at mobile site load times.

The cost of application crashes

It’s absolutely essential, given the sheer volume of devices, that the application is monitored for potential bugs. The highly competitive application landscape means, if your app doesn’t work then, people move on.

Dynatrace found that 78 per cent of mobile users will only retry an app once or twice if it failed to work the first time and of those surveyed, only 16 per cent said that they would give the app more than two attempts.

What’s worse — frustrated users are one tweet, or one Facebook post, from damaging your brand.

Make monitoring part of your mobile plan

Monitoring is critical to ensuring you’re delivering the right experience to the right person in their moment of need, consistently across all channels (desktop, mobile web and mobile app). User expectations are higher than ever, and they are demanding fast loading, bug free experiences, no matter what device they are on. It’s therefore absolutely essential that application performance monitoring is incorporated in an omni-channel strategy in order to meet the demands of the user.