Event Content

MC and Keynote

From 200 to 5,000, I love hosting events. I take a lot of time to carefully stitch together each session, and make sure attendees are engaged with humour, analogies, and sometimes theatrics.

Customer interviews and event recaps

On the fly content produced at the event for immediate social sharing. 

Event Interviews

As a podcaster, and MC, I enjoy sitting down and chatting with your customers, partners and important guests.

No topic is really difficult for me!

I know nothing about Fintech and Crypto and yet here is a sample from Fintech 2022


Showfloor Demo 

This was shot on the show floor, with a basic camera, no budget, unscripted, back in 2017. 

It’s simplicity, and the quality of the audio, and the demonstrator, this video is still one of the most watched demo videos for Dynatrace. 

18k Views without any promotion. 

Video Shoot: Dave Anderson
Demo: Kevin Leng