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Customer Video Shoot – RM Williams, Sydney

A day shoot in Sydney, in the offices of RM Williams. I find its always best to keep the conversation natural, rather than scripted, and we gathered some interesting stories from the team. Following the shoot, I took a quick walk down to the harbour to shoot a recap video. Along the way I passed…
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Orange is better than black. How Orangetheory shifted my mental being.

Power, patience, patience the coach would bellow across the speaker. One more push, you’ve got this. You came to work, let this be the best hour of your day. And for the past 6 months, it was true. Orangetheory became the best part of my working day. And what it did for me, mentally was…
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Dynatrace – AI Problem Resolution and davis

A quick overview of what we are doing with AI at Dynatrace. [youtube]

DDOS attack: Why we gave up Friday night and Saturday with our families!

This is the story in sequence of our team giving up their weekend to chase a global story! What a day and what a team. And the best part of this post is the last part! 8pm Friday Night in London, and news starts coming in that a huge DDOS is underway. Resident Dynatrace data…
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The New World Order – China #1 eCommerce Market

The stats about China’s e-commerce industry continue to make my head spin. We’ve just seen Singles Day 2016 break more records than ever before (US$1 Billion in 5 mins) and China is now sitting comfortably as the largest retail e-commerce market in the world: Total sales this year will exceed US$899 Billion This figure makes…
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China’s ecommerce numbers will blow your mind

China’s eCommerce market is set to explode.  Recent figures from eMarketer and Business Insider suggest the world’s largest eCommerce market, could top $1.5 trillion (USD) by 2018. To put this into perspective here is how China’s eCommerce market stacks up against the US. It’s no wonder global eCommerce retailers are scrambling to get a piece…
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Website Performance Content for Marketers

I’ve been fairly busy in the past year preaching the importance of why Digital Marketers should understand the importance of website performance. Typically this has been the realm of IT, but the ‘times they are a changing’! Here is a quick summary of content which I hope you find useful.  After reviewing what’s your thoughts? …
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China Website Performance – Best Practice and sharing my own failures

Delivering a successful website performance experience for an audience located inside China is a nightmare. It’s well documented that certain features and functions, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and objects of Google, are blocked but it’s actually much more complicated than this. This is my first entry in a series of posts that will walk you through…
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What’s your new years tech resolution – flip it?

A new years resolution is a wonderful thing as it allows us to make promises to ourselves we so often don’t keep.  So instead of making a painful resolution – like going to the gym, or cutting alcohol…worse coffee…I’m pledging to turn my monitor into landscape mode. Why? Because I spend most of my day…
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HO NO NO! How Slow Can We Go? AU vs US Retail Response Times – Quick Video

Each year we bang on about how important response times are to online shopping.  It’s Xmas afterall.  Parties, work deadlines and a list of stuff that needs buying…nobody has time to wait. Nordstrom cited 2.5 seconds is optimum, a 0.5 second increase and they lose 11% in conversions.  Cool.  Except when you hear what the…
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