Author: Dave Anderson

BBC: WhatsApp offline for several hours

What’s app goes down and the world wants to know why.

Dynatrace – AI Problem Resolution and davis

A quick overview of what we are doing with AI at Dynatrace. [youtube]

DDOS attack: Why we gave up Friday night and Saturday with our families!

This is the story in sequence of our team giving up their weekend to chase a global story! What a day and what a team. And the best part of this post is the last part! 8pm Friday Night in London, and news starts coming in that a huge DDOS is underway. Resident Dynatrace data…
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The New World Order – China #1 eCommerce Market

The stats about China’s e-commerce industry continue to make my head spin. We’ve just seen Singles Day 2016 break more records than ever before (US$1 Billion in 5 mins) and China is now sitting comfortably as the largest retail e-commerce market in the world: Total sales this year will exceed US$899 Billion This figure makes…
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Mashable: After Friday’s massive Dyn attack, what should Australians do?

A massive DDOS attack hit, impacting website globally.

SMH: Major Australian websites disrupted in international cyber attack

DDOS attack brings disruption to Australia websites.

BBC: How long will you wait for a shopping website to load?

Feature byline with Nordstrom.

Sky Business TV – Australian Online Retailers Slower than World Standards

Live interview on Sky Business News discussing Australian Retail Website Performance.

China’s ecommerce numbers will blow your mind

China’s eCommerce market is set to explode.  Recent figures from eMarketer and Business Insider suggest the world’s largest eCommerce market, could top $1.5 trillion (USD) by 2018. To put this into perspective here is how China’s eCommerce market stacks up against the US. It’s no wonder global eCommerce retailers are scrambling to get a piece…
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