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Dave Anderson – Tech Marketing, Keynote speaker, Singer Songwriter

Keynote Speaker


One of my passions is presenting. As a part time failed singer/songwriter, I like to think that I bring a unique perspective, energy and humour to my keynotes.

“Insightful, Funny, Personable, Relatable, Engaging, Entertaining, great story-teller and excellent insights”

The topics I cover include:

  • Customer experience in the age of digital technology complexity
  • Revenge of the nerds – how business is being disrupted by the application generation
  • Social selling and  advocacy in enterprise

I have also mc’d multiple events, including Dynatrace Perform 2017 with over 2000 attendees.


Some of the feedback from my presentations:

Ben Eatwell One of my highlights of the event. Thanks Dave!

Roberta Ocampo Definitely one of the best presentations I’ve seen. Thanks again, Dave!

Nick Teulon Hilarious gig! Great mix of not taking yourself too seriously but also being an authority on subject matter.

John Clark Fantastic presentation, very funny. Felt sorry for the guy who had to follow you.

Jennifer McAdams Great job Dave! Everyone was talking about the preso for the rest of the day

Ashley Hedge Absolutely incredible presentation Dave Anderson! Great value in this,

Robert Tobin Awesome presentation!!

Jay Limbachia great day at LinkedIn! learnt lots and Dave was charismatic! nice one!

Here is a link to some of my presentations:

Las Vegas - MC

Las Vegas – MC

Sky Business News

Sky Business News

Las Vegas Social Selling

Las Vegas Social Selling

For more information on having me present please ping me  on Linked In or @daveando

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